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Somewhere I read that music was the only uninteresting/uninspiring stuff in the movie “Oye Lucky, lucky oye” (OK.. it was in rediff. something to that effect). Well, if you are actively reading, you know that I’m going to disagree and may not defend it this time, if you are expecting that. Atleast, I don’t want to be that predictable. Well, because the songs are good, I like them. There comes the problem of subjective reviews and the age old case of uselessness of reviews, from my case files (there is no Watson to chronicle my cases, so I’m doing it myself. Sad, I know). John Keating absolutelymade sense when he told his students to rip the “literary criticism essay” off their books(Dead poets society). The hindi movie reviews, atleast from majority of the s0-called revieweres, completely miss the point, that is if at all they get any. Of course, there are Bharadwaj Rangan and Raja Sen. Again, that takes us to the question- who should review?

I say, it depends. I don’t agree with David Denby all the time. Roger Ebert is readable anyday. Same is true with James Berardinelli. Rotten tomatoes gives diverse views. Raja Sen reviewing music is not the same as Raja Sen reviewing the movie. And what was that Raja Sen’s Dostana review, by the way? And I think Bharadwaj Rangan is our Roger Ebert. Always readable. I so wish Mukul Kesavan wrote movie reviews. I no longer read Khalid Mahmood/mehmood/mohammad, subhash k jha, nikhat kazmi. I still read Taran Adarsh once in a while, but that is strictly for other reasons. I remember the days when I would wait for Monday evenings to watch Kunal Kohli’s reviews on Zee. That was way back in the mid 90s. A classic Director-killed-the-reviewer story. Also, make it direction-killed-the-remaining-sense. I liked Fiza. But there is always an exception. And then there are regional movie reviewers writing in English, like G. S.Kumar and R.G.Vijayasarathy, who have taken movie review to the lowest possible level. Be it content, writing, analysis, if at all, and you name it, they have time and again taken it to the new low.

The movies I like are not always the best movies. Best as in, what the majority of people have liked, popular.  I mean, there are different reasons for me to like a movie. There are multiple parameters that I can use to define the likeability of a movie. And not all of them I can quantify. (stop me from using the cliche, Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. Ok, I said it). I may like a movie just because I watched it with someone I like or for the reason that we were talking throughout the movie. Agree that these are outside the realm of movie review, but that is my point. It is completely subjective. There are many movies I like just because I watched them at a certain point in life. I like movies like Khiladiyon ka khiladi, Barton Fink, Soldier et al for my own reasons. There are movies I like and I don’t want to analyze why I like them. I just like them. Too much analysis kills it for me.


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